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“I lost a lot of my eyelashes from wearing false eyelashes. Rapidlash really helped. After 16 weeks, the results were amazing.”


– Julie, Leamington

“I’ve always had thin, short lashes. They were barely noticeable. Within the first month, my lashes started to grow longer and, within two months, they looked even better.”


– Hope, Lasalle

“I love this product! Not only is it real mineral sun protection that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, but every time you look in the mirror, you can’t believe your skin looks like it’s glowing from within. It doesn’t ever look powdery (which can make you look old).”


– T.R – Makeup Artist

“A very special thanks. There months ago I seriously injured my shoulder and am waiting for surgery. Your Body Pillow heat wrap has been my savior, helping to relax the muscle spasms so I can sleep at night. It holds a comfortable level of warmth for up to two hours in bed after just three minutes in the microwave. I can’t thank you enough."


– Colin

I just wanted to give a great shout out to all the staff at Laser It Salon! I went for my first time to Laser It on Saturday and all my expectations were not only met but were exceeded! The staff was very friendly and informative and Nicole (who did my laser treatment) was amazing at answering the 500 questions I threw her way. She made me feel so comfortable and did not rush me at all. I did not know what to expect as I received my package as a gift but I cannot wait to go back to try other treatments, as well as continue with the laser hair treatments! The atmosphere is so relaxing and welcoming. I have already booked other treatments before leaving and have also handed out my Psst Cards to friends and family. I love to go and get pampered and am very glad I have now found Laser It! Congratulations to the staff and owners of Laser It, you now have someone from Belle River screaming from the moutain tops on how great of a facility you have!

– Jennifer Thivierg

I have had Laser Hair Removal at another salon and did not have a great experience. As a result I was very afraid to have it done again somewhere else. After consulting with Melissa about her equipment and experience I tried again. I had no ill effects this time and the results were tremendous. Since entering her salon for Laser I have tried almost all her services. I have had wonderful facials, pedicures, manicures, massages and of course spent a lot of time at the salon getting great colour and styling. I was never a person who treated myself very often and often felt uncomfortable and out of place at other spas. The atmosphere at Laser It is so relaxing and her staff is so warm and inviting it’s like going to a friend’s house. I now bring friends and family with me so we can enjoy the experience together. Gift certificates are always welcomed as a gift and the feedback I get is always wonderful. LaSalle is very lucky to have such a wonderful place to go and spend a few hours taking care of yourself. Thanks!


– Janis D., Windsor

I am so grateful to have had my face lasered! Laser hair removal has been life altering for me in many aspects. Socially I feel more comfortable. I have a higher self esteem since I have not had to cope with facial hair and the associated acne and in grown hairs. I am more comfortable with physical contact with other people. I used to cringe at the thought of someone kissing or touching my cheeks. Just a simple embrace would cause me a great deal of anxiety. Thank you Laser It! for caring.

– JAD, Windsor

I heard about Laser It’s laser hair removal services many years ago… About 2 years ago I decided to have done for my face and my underarms. What a new lease on life! I wanted to go to the best and I got the best!

– Stacey K.

I had the ‘laser hair removal done’ about four years ago because I was tired of shaving. It’s been amazing. The hair has never grown back. I love it. I can go on holiday or wear a pair of shorts and never have to worry that I haven’t shaved. I would highly recommend it. Just one less thing to worry about!

– Sandy Wright

“Thank you to the staff at Laser-it! for an amazing wedding experience! Our wedding party had such a great time getting pampered with hair and make-up that my sister in-law immediately booked her wedding party there as well! The staff was very efficient, professional and receptive. I couldn’t imagine a better atmosphere! Every girl absolutely loved both her hair and make-up and I know the boys did too! 😉 I enjoyed every minute of my day and it all started with an 8am start at Laser-it!. Thanks to Melissa, Connie and the girls!”

– Lindsay Drozdz

“I love the hair salon at Laser It! I feel like I am part of the family when I go to have my hair done. The ‘all-inclusive’ environment is great fun. One very unique thing about their salon is that you can go to see any of the stylists and not feel like you are cheating on anyone. Sometimes my schedule matches better with one stylist than another, so I am comfortable seeing whoever is available at the time. I also appreciate the colour recommendations they offer and their willingness to try new things. Recently, I made a drastic change to my hair cut. I love it and think it I will keep it at this shorter length for a very long time. I recommend the salon to all of my friend and family, without hesitation”.

– ND, LaSalle

“I have been a loyal customer of Connie and am thrilled to have followed her to the Laser It! location in LaSalle. I would have followed her anywhere to tell you the truth, but I am so happy that she picked Laser It! The environment there is professional, clean and fun. I am always impressed when I see how all of the staff work together as a team. On occasion I have had other stylists at Laser It! work on my hair when Connie has been too busy. She gives them advice regarding my colour and preferences and they do a great job”.

– ML, Windsor

“I have always noticed my mom’s brown/sun spots on her face and hands and over the past few years I have seen them start to appear on my own face. Someone told me it was genetic. Apparently in my case was just sun damage. After 3 treatments I have lost 90% of my own dark spots. I am very happy to have them gone. I wish I would have been more careful in the sun growing up. I am now a sunscreen believer”.

– JD, Tecumseh

“I love getting my regular massages, however I am so happy that I took the advice of my esthetician and tried a Spa Ritual Body Scrub & Wrap. What a wonderful experience. My skin feels smoother than I could have imagined and it was more relaxing than I anticipated. I think this is a must treatment for everyone at least twice a year. We all deserve it”.

– KP, LaSalle

“I love getting spray tans. They make me ‘super happy’, boost my mood in dull winter months by having a glow to my skin, by adding moisture to my dry skin and they make me feel more confident by concealing imperfections like my stretch marks. I also love the fact that the tans allow me to still have color on my skin without worrying about the sun’s harmful and damaging effects. The tans are even, streak-free and hassle free. My favourite part is the airbrushing effect for a beautiful application”.

– NS, LaSalle

“The first time I had a massage at Laser It! I was very impressed with how ‘spa like’ the atmosphere was. I had only been in the laser rooms before that and although they are clean and lovely, they aren’t nearly as relaxing. The massages are wonderful and the combination of the bedding, music, candles and lighting is truly therapeutic. I love the fact that they bill some of the insurance companies directly. I always make sure that I rebook before I leave so that I plan to relax (or I will never do it) and so that I get my favourite therapist and time”.

– MD, LaSalle

“I love the ‘one stop for all’ benefit of being a Laser It! customer. I am so grateful when I can add a massage to any of my services that I have done in the salon or spa. Having an RMT available at all times is a great service. Thanks! My loyalty is with you and the great staff you employ”.

– TP, Windsor

“I am a 30 year old woman who has always been against Botox and needle based procedures for myself. I am not too concerned about wrinkles and fine lines yet, however I wanted to try to lift my eyebrows a bit. Finally after seeing the results of an eyebrow on one of my friends, I decided to give it a try. I loved it. My eyebrows look amazing and to my surprise I also am loving the reduction of my fine lines and wrinkles”.

– Krissy P.

“I have been seeing Dr. Maytham for several years now. Sometimes I get the lines around my lips injected – just to get rid of the ‘smokers lines’ (but I don’t smoke). I don’t want bigger lips, I just don’t like that look. Sometimes I also get him to do the “11’s” lines between my eyebrows – the ones that you see when you frown. I have never done too much at once, just enough to keep my face looking fresh. Recently I did lose a fair bit of weight and it was really noticeable in the areas under my eyes. So, Dr. Maytham put some filler in my cheek area. The results were not noticeable at all in terms of “Did she have something done to her”, however I looked so rested and calm it was amazing. I trust Dr. Maytham completely and recommend him to all of my friends without hesitation”.

– M.P.

“Before the treatment, the creases between my eyebrows made me feel like I was really aging. I wanted to fix them but I was concerned that the treatment would not give me natural looking results. The results are great. I love the brightness in my skin and nobody thinks I’ve had anything done, people just say that I look refreshed. They see a change, but it’s a subtle change, which really pleases me”.

– D.B. Windsor

“SilkPeel was very relaxing and rejuvenating. My skin felt very energized, smooth, younger and tighter… I was there for hyperpigmentation and the solution that we used seemed to put a lot more moisture in my face and reduce some of the skin blemishes I had “.

– Sandy F.

“I had always been a sun worshiper, but the SilkPeel was great! It lightened a lot of the pigmentation and my freckles… My skin felt especially soft, it also was tighter and the pores seemed to shrink. I would recommend it to anybody – it just was a fantastic experience “.

– Mary E.

“I had an amazing facial with Brianne. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She did a fantastic job with all aspects of the appointment and my skin feels smooth and clean! I have had many facials at different spas – and I can honestly say I have had some not so great experiences. Brianne was amazing and so was the effects of the silk peel!

Last but not least- the girls at the front desk are always smiling and welcoming!!”

– Martina Recine

“I have lost 26 lbs in 6 weeks on the Ideal Protein diet. I feel a lot healthier and better than I have felt in a long time. I have tried other diets but nothing was as easy to follow and stick to as this one. The food is tasty and easy to prepare. I am very glad to have discovered this diet and see my weight drop in such a short period of time. I highly recommend this diet to anyone who is interested in looking and feeling great.”

– Joseph Covelli, Tecumseh

“I have tried several weight loss methods, and this one is by far the easiest to follow, the most delicious and has given me the most rapid and safe weight loss to date. My energy levels have soared, the fat is melting away rapidly, my skin tone has improved and I feel better than I have felt in a long time. I have lost 18 lbs in only 6 weeks! ”

– Connie Covelli, Tecumseh

“Since beginning “Ideal Protein” 5 weeks ago, I have lost an astounding 22 lbs!!!! Having tried every diet on the market, Ideal Protein has been the only one that has truly been 100% effective and successful! The protein meals are not only delicious, but very filling and satisfying.and the best part is they’re so convenient and easy to prepare!!! Ideal Protein allows you to maintain your busy lifestyle, providing you with lots of energy! You don’t experience cravings or the feeling of being deprived from your favorite foods! I strongly recommend Ideal Protein for shedding those unwanted pounds…once and for all!!!! ”

– Kim Ryan, LaSalle

“Sara is such a wonderful new addition to your ideal protein program. She makes you feel comfortable and is clearly knowledgeable about nutrition and what it takes to lose weight and maintain! Both my mother and I followed the program, and have both had significant weight loss. I have lost over 20 pounds thanks to this program (and hard work) lol. Both Connie and Amanda were both the major contributors as to why we started ideal protein (and they were always there for advice and tips) – I’m thankful for them and thankful that we listened to them! Now I have people tell me every day that I look fantastic and asked how I did it (I have already started to refer people for consults)”

– Martina Recine

“I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to go on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program.
My first round on the program was from October 13th until late December before I went away on vacation (less than 3 months in total). During that time I lost 30 pounds and witnessed a reshaping of my body that was amazing. Since completing my phases I have maintained my weight. The most rewarding aspect of Ideal Protein was the inches that I lost in my midsection. My family tends to carry most of our weight in our midsections – sort of like round apples with legs J. Even more exciting for me is the fact that this new body of mine has stayed the same since I finished the diet. In fact, many people ask me still what I am doing to tone my midsection and continue to lose weight… the truth is I am doing nothing out of the ordinary. I have not even started exercising again yet, it is just that I have changed my whole relationship with food. On a daily basis, this is effortless to me. I now understand a concept relating to my body and food that I never knew existed. I continue to supplement my diet with the Ideal Protein foods because I find them delicious, convenient and very filling. Without hesitation, I recommend this program. It has changed my life for the better. I have more energy than ever and I feel fabulous!”.

– Nicole Silva

“I have tried more than 10 well known weight loss programs. I have spent more money that I care to remember trying to find a way to lose and maintain a healthy comfortable weight.

Thanks to my Aunt who introduced me to Ideal Protein, I now have a much different story regarding my relationship with fluctuating weight loss programs. The Ideal Protein diet was the easiest diet I have ever followed. The food tastes great, there is a tremendous variety of options and it is very easy to prepare. After slowly losing weight (on various other diets) and eventually coming to a full standstill on the scale, I lost 25 pounds in less than 7 weeks. The experience has been life changing and has opened my eyes to a new way to view food and eating. I especially love the fact that I can focus on nutrition without having to maintain an intense work out routine. Now that I have finished the program I am enjoying running and exercising more than ever before. I am confident now that I will forever be able to stay on track and maintain my new body weight and shape. ”

– Amanda Piccolo