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How would you like to have a golden glow, any time of the year? Even better, how would you like to have this warm colour without any harmful and aging damage from the sun?

You can be sun kissed whenever you wish, with a spray tan from Laser It! Salon and Medical Spa. In about 15 mins you can enjoy the rich, bronze colour even if you have fair skin. This authentic looking tan with 99% natural based spa formula, may be exactly what you have been looking for. Not only will you have that beach glow, you will also benefit from its intensive hydrating and skin firming properties. It conceals stretch marks, cellulite and even skin blemishes.

Here are some helpful tips for you to consider before coming in to see us for a spray tan.

  • Full body exfoliation is recommended the night/day before; this includes any shaving you need to complete. Shaving is a great exfoliation procedure in itself.
  • You may shower immediately before your tanning session (it is ideal if you can). It is recommended to wait at least 8-10 hours before showering afterwards.
  • You are also advised to avoid exercising for at least 8-10 hours. Any extra friction may rub the tan off of certain areas before it is able to set.
  • It is best to wear loose fitting clothing on the day you receive your tan.
  • Following your tanning session, it is important to moisturize your skin for maximum colour retention.

Tanning Pricing

*** Prices are subject to change. ***

FREE Consultation: (519) 734-1565

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“I love getting spray tans. They make me ‘super happy’, boost my mood in dull winter months by having a glow to my skin, by adding moisture to my dry skin and they make me feel more confident by concealing imperfections like my stretch marks. I also love the fact that the tans allow me to still have color on my skin without worrying about the sun’s harmful and damaging effects. The tans are even, streak-free and hassle free. My favourite part is the airbrushing effect for a beautiful application”.

– NS, LaSalle

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